My book is too long to fit into one volume. What do I do?

When the book is too large, there are a few options to reduce the page count:

Changing the size of the photos from Large to a smaller size or removing page breaks can significantly lower the page count.

If either of those options are selected for your book and you do not wish to modify them, you can also split the book into multiple volumes by choosing a shorter date range during book creation. This option will allow you to choose a different cover design, photo and title for each volume, as well as let you control what appears in each book.

The third option is to save the book as-is. However, if the book exceeds 430 pages when purchased, it will be automatically split into two or more volumes by our printing facility. If this option is selected, all volumes will have the same cover design, photo and title, to which Volume I, Volume II, etc., will be appended.

Because this process is automated, we have no control over where the split will occur, so we recommend splitting the books manually by date range so you have full control over which content appears in each volume.

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