How do I get started on my blog book?

You can begin working on your book by following these steps:

  • Go to and select your blog's platform. Enter the URL (web site address) of your blog and click the "Print My Blog" button.

  • In the "Include Posts" section, select either “All Posts” or choose a specific date range you’d like to include in the book.

  • In the "Page Template" section, select which layout you wish to use: Snapshot (which keeps your photos and text in the same order as your blog) or Compact (which rearranges photos and text to make better use of space).

  • Click "+ Show Advanced Post Controls" if you wish to:
    • Filter Post by Label
    • Add "Posted By" Attributions at the end of each post
    • Include your blog's comments (only available for public Blogspot blogs)
    • Change the order of posts from chronological order to reverse chronological order
  • Under "Covers," choose which cover design you'd prefer from our options, enter a title for your book, enter any side spine text you wish to include and upload a front & back cover image. These photos can be changed later.

  • In the "Dedication" area, you can write your own text or use the default dedication "To Bloggers Everywhere." This can be changed later.

  • Click the “Create Book" button. Please note that there may be a short wait while your book preview is being generated.

  • A flipbook preview of your blog book will then be presented. After previewing it, select the "See All Options" button located on the left of the preview.

  • If you've previously registered, enter your username and password and select the "Sign In" button. If not, you can quickly register by selecting the "Free Registration" button.
  • On the page that follows "Make Your Own Blog Book - Personalizing is Easy," select the green "Save For Later" button on the bottom right side.
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