Some entries are not appearing in my book! What do I do?

Any entries that are added to the Legacy website after your book has been created will not automatically be included in your book.

In order to capture any new content from the Legacy site, we recommend deleting your incorrect book, and then recreating your book on the day that the site is set to expire.

This will ensure that the book reflects all of the submissions that are included on the website.

Guest book entries can be added manually, however they will reflect the time stamp of when they were included in the book, and not the date of the original entry on the website.

You can delete the current incorrect version of your book from your account by selecting "Delete Book" under the "My Books" section of your account.
The book may take up to an hour to delete. Once it is deleted, you can recreate your book by following the below steps.

- Visit the Legacy site of your loved one.
- From the Guest Book page, select "Make Your Book". This will open up a Flipbook preview of the book.
- On the left hand side of the page, click on the green "See All Options" button.
- From the Sign In/Registration page, select the green "Free Registration" button.
- Enter your information to create an account and select the green "Register" button.
- Select "Save For Later". This will store the guest book to your account.

From there, you can access it anytime by going directly to and signing in with your username and password.

Once the book is saved into an account, it will remain there even after the Legacy site has gone offline. This means you can take your time editing the book.

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