How do I change the front and back cover photos?

If you have the photos you’d like to use saved to your computer, you can change the front and back covers by following these steps:

- Sign in to your book with your username and password.
- In the "My Books" section of the page, click the blue button with your book's name on it. Then click the green "Open Book" button.
- Under "Contents," select the "(Edit) Front & Back Cover" section. You will be directed to a preview of how your covers will be published.
- On the bottom left hand side of the screen, you will see a green "Upload" button, along with the two photos currently associated with your book covers.
- Select "Upload" and choose either the Quick Upload (which will require installing the Quick Upload Tool) or Single Upload Tool.
- Browse for the photos you wish to use for your cover. Once they are selected, hit the green "Continue" button.
- Once the upload is complete, select "Return to Book Creation." You will be redirected back to the mock-up of your present book cover.
- Starting with the front cover, select "Replace Photo," directly above the photo you’d like to replace. This will place a red outline around the photo.
- Then, click the photo you do want on the front cover, which should now be in the gallery below. 
- Repeat to replace the photo on the back cover.
- Select the green "Save" button, located on the top right hand side of screen, so that your changes will be updated.

Once you return to the "Personalize Your Book" screen, immediately preview your book to ensure that you are satisfied with your changes.

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