What is XanEdu's Custom College Plus? (CCP)

Your institution will receive

  • A co-branded XanEdu site
  • Custom-designed covers with your school logo and colors
  • Custom book font, alignment, and trim size options
  • Your choice of distribution - Bookstore or Student Direct Purchase
  • eBook and professionally published output options
  • A repository of all custom course materials created
  • All with NO upfront cost

Schools choosing Bookstore distribution receive

  • Access to an easy to use bookstore portal that aggregates custom book orders from your faculty, handles ordering and even digitally archives custom books for future reference.
  • Ability to sell eBooks if your store is not already enabled
  • Full freedom to manage markup as you choose
  • Marketing materials to help advertise on campus to engage instructors and drive usage
  • Options to print through XanEdu or through a different vendor
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