Can you sum up the entire process in 7 steps or less?

Get Started
To create a new book, start a new Project. Input your course name, instructor's name, discipline, and course level.

Add Content

  • Choose from 8 million+ articles, book chapters and more stored in the AcademicPub Content Library.
  • Add your own files — from lecture notes to syllabi and more, you can incorporate any and all of your materials to your course pack.
  • Add web pages: XanEdu reformats online newspaper and magazine articles for your course book, removing advertising for the best reading experience.
  • Include links to video clips and other rich media. Students will be able to access this content directly in an e-book or via a QR code in a printed book.
As you build your book, you can click "View Project Contents" to easily review, reorganize, and edit all of the content you have added. Stop and start as often as you wish. Your book will automatically be saved so you can return to finish it at any time.

See exactly how much your book will cost as you add content. The total will constantly update as you add new pieces of content.
Preview Your Book
Click "Preview My Book" at any time to see exactly what your students will receive. 

Use the table of contents on the preview page to quickly move around your book from section to section.

If you spot something you would like to change, you can continue to edit the book. 
Complete Your Book
Once you have finished compiling the materials and reviewing the pricing, you are now ready to finalize your book. We call this "confirming" your completed book.

When you "confirm" your completed book, the course book will be available to your students to purchase at your designated term start date through the end of term.
Download Your Free Desk Copy
As an instructor, you receive a complimentary digital desk copy of each "completed" book.

This digital desk copy can be accessed for up to one year after the designated end of term date of your book.
Get instructions on how to download your desk copy here.
Distribute Your Book 
After you confirmed your book and selected your term dates, students can immediately purchase your course book.

Each book has a unique purchasing link for students. You can send the link to students through email, by posting it on your learning management system, or both.

At any time you can check how many students have purchased your course book – AcademicPub gives you real-time sales information.
Readopt Your Book
It's simple to use a book from a previous term for a new course. There is no need to start from the beginning. You have two options to readopt your book:
  • Readopt the book exactly as is, with no changes. 
  • Readopt the book with changes. 
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