How do I add additional photos to my Keepsake book?

You can add photographs to your saved book by following these steps:


  • Login to with your username and password
  • From the "My Books" section on the left hand side of screen, select the blue button with the name of the deceased and click "Open Book"
  • Under "Contents", select "(Edit) Photos/My Pages". This will open the bookmaking space of your book, which is customizable.
  • Select the green "Upload" button to upload pictures from your computer to be included from your book.
  • Once the photos have been successfully uploaded, return to bookmaking space. You will see that photos uploaded at the bottom in the photo library.
  • Select the green "Replace Photo" button and click on the photo you wish to add to that space. Repeat process until the entire two pages have been filled.

You can also add additional pages to the book to place more photos.

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