Will XanEdu sell my book on my behalf?

To clarify, XanEdu is not a publisher per se, but the provider of an application used to create custom-made coursepacks designed for instructors to offer to their students.   However, we do have two solutions that could help you get you self-authored materials into classrooms around the globe.

By uploading your manuscript into our library through the Scholar Collection, it would be available to academics that are searching for content in that field of study, or specifically by title or the name of the author.

We also offer Express Books, which allows you a platform to sell an entirely self-authored textbook through our platform to educators.

Your material could be discovered by other instructors in your field, or directed to it as a result of your outreach to peers. 

XanEdu would allow you to use your material as the basis of a custom book, in which you could also include a syllabus or other content.

You would then be able to allow your students to use this for class in the form of a printed book or digital download.

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