How do I add personal text pages into my book?

You can add text to your saved book by following these steps:

• Login to with your username and password
• From the "My Books" section on the left hand side of screen, select the blue button with the name of the deceased and click "Open Book"
• Under "Contents", select "(Edit) Photos". This will open the editing space of your book, which is customizable.
• Select the "Add Pages" button. This will allow you to add additional pages into the book.
• Select "Choose Right Layout" or "Choose Left Layout". This will open a pop-up window that will allow you to choose a one-column or a two-column text layout.
• Copy and paste the text you'd like into the provided text box.
If you wish to add more pages to the book, select “Add Pages” and select "Choose Right Layout" and/or "Choose Left Layout" to customize the page
for text or photos. You can then follow the steps above to add photos into the photo space, or copy in any desired text content.

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