How can I add guest book entries into my book?

- Login to with your username and password

- From the "My Books" section on the left hand side of screen, select the blue button with the title and click "Open Book"

- Under "Contents", select "(Edit) Memories". 

- Directly beneath the text of the obituary select "Memories..."

- Enter the subject and the body of your comments. When you have completed your entry, select the blue "Post" button, directly next to the Subject field.

- The following "Guestbook Entry Posting Confirmation" message will appear "Your guestbook entry has been registered! To review posts, please click on any of the tabs to the right. "

- Select the Entries tab

- Scroll down the list of comments to the newly added one. Confirm that the comment is to your satisfaction and select the green "Add to Book" button.

- Save your work by clicking on the green "Save" button on the top right hand side of screen.

- Select the green "Preview Your Book" button (located on the bottom right side of the screen) to preview the changes made to your book.

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