How do I remove entries from my Keepsake book?

Please know that once you have saved your CarePages Keepsake book to a SharedBook account, you will be able to customize your book's Updates and Messages by following these steps:


- Go to

- Login with your username and password

- From the My Books menu (located on the left of the screen) select your book

- Select "Open Book". This will open your bookmaking space.

- Under "Contents", select "(Edit) Updates and messages"

- At the bottom of this page, select the "Entries" tab. This will list all of the updates and messages currently associated with your book.

- Scroll through the list, selecting the "Remove" button (located at the far right of each message) for the messages you do not want to include in the book.

- When you are done, select the green "Save" button (located at the top right of the page)


This will return you the Contents page, where you can immediately preview your book to ensure you are satisfied with your changes.

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