How do I download my book to an iPhone/iPad?

To view a book on multiple devices, you'll need to register for a user name and password with Adobe before downloading the book. Then you can register up to five devices with the same account and view the material.


In order to view the book on an iPhone, you will need to download the Bluefire Reader app.

To add the book to the app, please follow the directions below:

- Download the Bluefire Reader app to your iPhone (You can download the app by clicking here )
- On the main screen of the app, click "Click Here to Create An Adobe ID", and follow the instructions.
- Sign into Bluefire Reader using the Adobe ID created in the previous step.
- Navigate to Select the “Students” tab, and sign in.
- Select “My Devices”. Here, you can choose to register your iPhone as a device.
- Once your iPhone is registered, navigate to “My Books”. Select “Download Now” next to your book.

Your book will download and open with the Bluefire Reader.

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